About Us

Our factory was built in a local industrial district, KIMA (Kawasan Industri Makassar), in 2002. Located in Makassar as it is widely reckoned as the one of the largest seaports in Indonesia, we are undoubtedly supported with an abundant supply of fresh raw materials thus helps us in producing fine outcome.

The quality of our products is begun with strict grading system by our full-time QC staff. We only accept materials from our entrusted suppliers to ensure their safety. These selected materials are then processed according to orders in our 3178m² factory, equipped with a sixteen-meter-square ice room, two CO rooms, two cold rooms (each room can store up to 40 tons with minimum temperature of −25°C), a zero-degree ante room, and one unit air blast freezer at −40°C. Our factory also implements ozone and UV treatment for its water system. Ultimately, this plant was constructed according to HACCP (Hazard, Analysis Critical Control Point) standard. We also refer to SSOP (Sanitation Standard and Operation Procedure) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) as our processing guidance. All shipped materials are packed in boxes, each is labeled according to buyer demand. Fresh products are transported via commercial aircraft while the frozen ones are sent with 40 feet containers, each is able to withstand of up to 20 tons of goods.

Additionally, our factory is facilitated with a laboratory that regularly checks our products done by our QC staff. The results from these observations give us reassurance in providing consistent outcome.

We have invested a great deal of time and expenses to produce reliable products. It is imperative for us that our customers are satisfied with our service. After all, they deserve the best from us.

We currently have clients all around the world including Europe, USA, and Asia. We also have been registered therefore authorize to ship our products to USA, China, Korea, Russia, and Europe. The registration numbers are listed below.
1. Reg. 514.22.AB (Europe)
2. Reg. RR A/B-055-27 (Russia)
3. Reg. 2534 (China/Korea)
4. Reg. 17727370942 (USA)